Before the fire

Protecting You and Your Family
· Install smoke detectors and familiarize your family with the sound of the alarm.

· Plan an escape route from your home. If possible, every room should have two escape routes.

· Remember that smoke and heat rise. When you encounter smoke, crawl on the floor where the air is cleaner.

Protecting Your Property

· Make sure your roof is constructed with fire resistant materials.

· Mark the location of your home clearly so that firefighters can easily locate your home.

· Keep a fire extinguisher in your home.

Make an inventory of your possessions and store it off the premises. If your property is damaged, this list will help facilitate the claim filing process.

After the fire

Protecting You and Your Family
· Plan a safe meeting point for you and your family in the event that you are separated during a fire.

· Do not return to your home until officials declare that there is no more threat of fire.

Protecting Your Property
· Notify your insurance broker as soon as possible. If you have vacated the premises, make sure your broker knows where to contact you.

· Make a detailed list of all damaged or destroyed personal property. Don't throw out damaged property until you have met with an adjuster. Use pictures and inventory lists to help your insurance agent and adjuster assess the damages.

· Keep receipts for living expenses beyond your normal ones and for temporary repair costs so you can seek insurance reimbursement.

· Don't be rushed into signing repair contracts. Deal with reputable contractors. If you're unsure about a contractor's credentials, contact your claims broker.